LEGO has announced 76251 Star Lords Helm, a brand new addition to the Lego Marvel Helm collection with Peter Quill's distinctive, expanding helmet.

The 602-part set comes onto the market on April 1, 2023 and is offered at a price of $ 79.99 / $ 129.99. In some countries, the set can already be pre -ordered on

LEGO Star Wars is not the only topic that a monopoly has on this helmet, and this set joins the 76165 Iron Man Helm, 76187 Venom and 76199 Carnage in Marvel's own helmet collection.

Since Star Lord's helmet is quite distinctive and edgy, I think that it works particularly well as a helmet, even though it looks like something was missing without a face or Peter Quill's hair.

What the fans should look forward to is the fact that there are apparently no or hardly any stickers, since most decorations such as the composite eyes, the mouthpiece and the name board are printed! Hooray!

Oh, and because he is hollow ... LEGO literally suggested to use it as a pens or stationery holder in the lifestyle pictures provided. I think it's funny, but it works pretty well!

Here are other photos that LEGO has made available so that we can enjoy it.


Oh, and I researched a little about the prices of helmets and created this price matrix with all existing and current helmets for Star Wars and Marvel.

76251 Star Lords Helm will be released on April 1, 2023 and can now be pre-ordered on

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