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General info

Yes, we only sell original LEGO® products. This is checked continuously.

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. By phone and around the clock by email at


We will inform you about the expected delivery time of your order in the order overview and in your order confirmation by e-mail - however, this time may vary depending on the selected items and the shipping method.

Please give us some time to prepare your order for shipping. We usually ship orders within 24 hours, some orders may take a little longer.

That's fine! Our shipping partners DHL and DPD always send you an e-mail to announce the package. You can use this to specify your desired delivery location, such as a parcel shop, or change the delivery date.

If the courier doesn't meet you, you can use the shipment tracking to see whether your package was handed over to a neighbor or a branch, for example. In some cases, a new delivery attempt will be made.

Please use the shipment tracking to check whether the package was delivered to a neighbor. If it's not with a neighbor and the shipping status hasn't changed in 5 days, please contact us - our contact options are below.

If only the package was damaged and you want to send something back, you can simply use the packaging of your choice for the return shipment.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot replace damaged shipping material.

This requires a damage report to DHL. Please send us photos of the packaging via and let us know your order number. We will then explain how to proceed.

Return & Refund

You simply send your items in a packaging of your choice to:

Brick Takeover Ltd

Leibnizstrasse 7

97204 Hoechberg

In order to be able to process your return as quickly as possible, please enclose the delivery note you received or other proof in the package.

After checking the return, we will immediately refund the amount using the payment method you previously selected. With some payment providers, this process can take 1-3 working days. We ask for your understanding here.

Basically this is not a problem. However, we would like to ask you to contact our support beforehand and coordinate this.

In the worst case, complications can arise here if you simply send different orders at the same time.


Possible reasons why a payment method is not available

Delivery and billing address do not match. If you want to have your order delivered to a DHL Packstation, this can also exclude payment by invoice in rare cases.

The combination of name and address could not be found. This can be the case with spelling mistakes, relocation, marriage or relocation.

There is still an outstanding amount for another order - which sometimes simply means that a transfer has not yet been credited to our account or a return has not yet been booked.

Like other platforms and shops, we get help from independent credit agencies to assess your creditworthiness. In some cases, their data can mean that you cannot pay by invoice when you place your order.

In the case of a pre-order, a purchase on account cannot unfortunately be offered due to the deadlines

We reserve the right not to offer a payment method for some orders.

Check whether there are still open orders and pay them. If the details of your delivery and billing address do not match, you can adjust them before completing the order.

Please understand that our customer service is unable to activate a payment option for you if it is not offered to you.

Nor can our service staff see why you cannot order with your preferred payment method. Here, too, the protection of your data has priority for us.

With every order, we check which payment method we can offer. It is therefore possible that your payment method will be available again for your next order.

If not all payment methods are offered to you, all our other services and advantages are still available to you.

Your return will always be credited according to the payment method you chose when ordering.

When will I receive confirmation of my return?

After we receive your return, we will check what you have sent back. Please give us up to 2 business days to confirm your return.

This is how the purchase amount is credited depending on the payment method:

Credit card:

The credit will be returned to the credit card account debited by us. You can see the chargeback on your next credit card statement. It may happen that the date of the chargeback on it is the same as the date of payment.


The credit will be made to the PayPal account you are using. You can decide yourself with PayPal whether the amount is deposited in your PayPal account or returned to your bank account.

Gift card:

The refund will be made as a credit to your originally selected gift card. A cash payment of the credit is not possible. If you have combined the gift voucher with another payment method, we will offset the voucher value against the items that you keep. We will refund the amount paid in addition according to your chosen other payment method.

Klarna invoice or immediate purchase:

Your refund will be forwarded by us to Klarna and then refunded there via your payment method.


We will forward your refund to Amazon Pay and credit it to your account there.

You will receive your invoice in your order confirmation email:

If you no longer have this email, you are welcome to contact our colleagues in support ( . We are happy to help you here.

an order

For a change or cancellation, please contact us directly.

We need the following information from you if you have ordered the wrong product:

Order number, Description of the wrong product, Correct product (size / color)

We need the following information from you if you want to have your address changed:

Order number, previous address details, new / correct address

We need the following information from you if you want to cancel an order:

Order number

We will forward the change request to our shipping service provider.

Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the change can still be implemented.

If the order is not yet packed, please feel free to contact us and let us know about the change. We will then try to implement this.

For this we send a request to our logistics team.

Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the change can still be carried out.

Please contact us using one of the contact options . Tell us your order number and the wrong item. We're happy to take care of it.

Are the ordered items undamaged?

If only the package was damaged and you want to send something back, you can simply use the packaging of your choice for the return shipment.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot replace damaged shipping material. Is an item damaged or missing in transit?

Please contact us using one of the contact options . If you give us your order number, we can help you particularly quickly.

My customer account

You must first confirm your email address. To do this, click the link in the email we sent you. Sometimes e-mails also end up in the spam folder, please make sure that the e-mail has not ended up in the spam folder.

Under the following link you can register for our newsletter and receive an additional 10% discount on your next order:

Bricktakeover Newsletter

You can also scroll down to the bottom of any of our newsletters and unsubscribe there - the e-mail may be too long, so you have to select "Show full e-mail" first.

Would you like to change your name, password or email address?

Please contact us directly via the known contact options . We are happy to help you adjust your data

Has your delivery address changed?

You can change the address in the customer account under Addresses for future orders.

Forgotten your password?

If you don't remember your password, you can simply reset it when you log in . Enter the e-mail address with which you are registered in our shop. We will send you an email to them with a link to reset your password.

How can I delete my customer account?

If you would like to delete your customer account, please contact us directly with your request. Please note that we can only delete your account if:

- all outstanding amounts have been settled

- you have received any refunds due from us

- there is no longer any credit from the redemption of a gift voucher in your customer account

- none of your orders are on the way to dispatch

If one of the above requirements is not met, we cannot delete your account immediately. In this case, we ask you first to clarify open matters if possible. With regard to pending refunds and orders in transit, we ask for your patience.

customer support

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